Fire Detection Systems South East UK

Fire Detection Systems South East UK

Fire Management Technology and expert services at Gemini Fire South East UK

Fire is the most damaging purely natural factor that can take place within a building. It’s not only damaging to property but it can kill someone without even burning them. At Gemini Fire Management Systems, we understand this too well. Our different methods of smoke detection and gas suppression make sure the fire is put out before it even gets established. We’ve a wide variety of fire suppression and detection apparatus and products as well as in- depth understanding of all the primary products. No Matter Whether you want a system for your office, store, industrial or commercial building in South East UK, we are best suited to advise and recommend the most effective fire suppression technology for your property. If you are looking for Fire Detection Systems South East UK then you have come to the best place.

Fire Detection Systems South East UKAbout Gemini Fire Management Ltd

Since 1997, Gemini Fire has been providing established fire systems to industrial and commercial businesses. With headquarters in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, we can easily serve all of London, the UK and South East UK. Having Said That, we also install fire detection apparatus across Europe and internationally when asked.

Gemini Fire Management Limited Services

  1. Fire Suppression Systems South East UK

Every area of the business, particularly computer server room, require the protection of fire detection and extinguishing solutions. It will be dreadful if these kinds of high-value property caught fire as all of the vital information and systems a company is required to function is stored there. After many years of experience in working with fire detection and suppression, Gemini has selected several of the most effective suppliers manufacturing these systems. We recommend Fike Corporation, Kidde, Ginge Kerr Inert GasIG55 Argonite and Tyco Inert Gas Inergen. For The Reason That we aren’t associated with dealing with one product or company, we are able to install, develop and maintain all of the platforms for our important clients.

  1. HSSD and VESDA Systems South East UK

A high sensitive smoke detection system is extremely essential in an organisation simply because it allows you determine and pre-warn against fire in the early stages so preventive actions may be taken. HSSD systems tend to be sophisticated, and therefore far more sensitive, to smoke compared to the customary smoke sensors. At Gemini, we deal with only the most suitable products for example VESDA and STRATOS AIRSENSE. HSSD is extremely important as it goes off before the fire alarm system for this reason saving the business and personnel time to vacate. It also will save you water and gas which may be often discharged when the fire alarm system goes off.

  1. Water Leak Detection South East UK

Just like fire, water Water is destructive leaving a property beyond working conditions, having an awful smell and mould. To avert this, Gemini provides water leak protection methods so that the difficulty is controlled before it can cause damage. This really is important since the majority equipment areas are on the ground floor to make sure the temperature is cool in that room. Our water leak detection system senses any tiny leak or spill from water pipes and automatically sounds an alarm.

  1. Room Integrity Testing South East UK

Ahead Of fitting a gas suppression system, it’s essential that the room space and even the ceiling void is tested. This will certainly ensure that the area is sealed and tight enough to handle the weight of gas inside the space against a permitted leak rate. An assessment called Retrotect Room Integrity Door Fan Pressure Test is completed to check the tightness. A calibrated fan is latched into tight expandable panels at a selected speed and builds pressure into your area whilst it’s being measured. An area can pass or fail this test; when it fails, furthermore sealing is applied and another integrity examination is carried out. Gemini has numerous years of working experience completing this significant test in commercial buildings. Additionally, we do reseal and retesting at an affordable cost. This test must be carried out at least once per annum or in every last new building.

  1. Gas Extract Systems South East UK

All fixed gas suppression systems need to have dedicated gas extract systems to clear out the produced gas from your space or room to outside. It is a condition by the British Standards and it must be obeyed. Though a general contractor is mainly responsible for designing this ventilation facility, Gemini Fire personnel are knowledgeable enough to design, supply and handle the installation.

Why Choose Gemini Fire Management Ltd

Besides the fact that at Gemini Fire we simply use and install the most beneficial systems on earth, our expert services Our reputation in offering appropriate and excellent services are something we are proud of. Some of our well-regarded principles feature;

  • Great after- sales professional services

At Gemini, we follow through our products and services even after the job is completed to make certain it’s operating appropriately. Any problem or question is received and sorted by our team of client service employees who are readily available 24 / 7.

  • Client training

Our company offers beneficial customer coaching with every product or service and device we install inside a company. It is crucial that they understand just how the device performs and how to apply it so they can get maximum benefits. Most people also don’t understand how crucial fire detection and suppression units are to their businesses until they are properly trained.

  • Effectiveness

Whether we are communicating a fire suppression product or water leak detector, Gemini fire management makes sure it’s fitted as soon as possible in your business. Understanding very well that companies are busy and require the least disruption achievable, we do a good job and get it done successfully.

  • Unbiased selection of models

At Gemini, we’ve worked with several product suppliers within the fire marketplace. This has enabled us to be aware what is right for just about every situation. Gemini is unprejudiced with regards to supplying and advising units due to the fact we are client- focused. Each And Every establishment has specific demands and this is how we decide on solutions and units to meet each and every customer’s requirements.

  • Valuable communication

During the whole process of ordering, diagnostic tests and conducting the work, we remain in continual communication with the customer to ensure they are okay with everything and take into account any modifications. We’re there for them with a listening ear and suggestions as for the industry professionals in this area.

Every person at Gemini is dedicated and exceptionally experienced with providing the best service to our clientele. For more information about Fire Detection Systems South East UK, phone us for additional details on 0845 872 5999