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Fire is easily the most dangerous purely natural factor that can take place within a building. It’s not only damaging to property but it can kill someone without even burning them. At Gemini Fire Management Systems, we know this all too well. Our various methods for smoke detection and gas suppression make sure the fire is put out before it even gets established. We have a multitude of fire suppression and detection related equipment and products as well as in- depth knowledge in all the major solutions. Whether you’ll need a system for your business office, store, industrial or commercial building in Swindon, we’re best suited to suggest and recommend the most effective fire suppression technology for your property. If you are trying to find Fire Suppression Systems In Swindon then visit our website or call us on 0845 872 5999

About Gemini Fire Management Ltd

Since 1997, Gemini Fire continues to provide established fire systems to industrial and commercial organisations. With headquarters in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, we can easily serve all of London, the UK and Swindon. Having Said That, in addition, we install fire detection apparatus across Countries In Europe and internationally when required.

Gemini Fire Management Limited Products

  1. Fire Suppression Systems Swindon

Each area of the business, particularly computer server room, require the protection of fire detection and extinguishing technology. It would be dreadful if such high-value property caught fire as most of the fundamental information and systems an organisation needs to operate is kept there. After many years of know-how in managing fire detection and suppression, Gemini has identified several of the most beneficial providers manufacturing these systems. We advise Fike Corporation, Kidde, Ginge-Kerr Inert GasIG55 Argonite and Tyco Inert Gas Inergen. For The Reason That we aren’t tied to dealing with one particular solution or business, we’re able to install, design and maintain all of the systems for our important clients.

  1. HSSD and VESDA Systems Swindon

A high sensitive smoke detection system is essential in a company as it allows you detect and warn against fire in the early stages so preventative action could be taken. HSSD systems are definitely more sophisticated, and hence much more sensitive, to smoke compared to the conventional smoke detectors. At Gemini, we deal with only the most suitable products which include VESDA and STRATOS AIRSENSE. HSSD is essential because it goes off before the fire alarm system hence saving the company and staff members a chance to vacate. What’s more, it helps you to save water and gas that could be normally discharged if the fire alarm goes off.

  1. Water Leak Detection Swindon

Exactly like fire, water Water is destructive and leaves a property beyond working conditions, having a bad odour and mildew and mould. To avoid this, Gemini supplies water leak protection methods to guarantee the issue is kerbed before it can cause damage. This is necessary since most server areas are on the ground floor so that the temperatures are cool in there. Our water leak detection system senses any tiny leak or spill from water lines and immediately sounds an alarm.

  1. Room Integrity Testing Swindon

Fire Suppression Systems In SwindonBefore the installation of a gas suppression system, it is important that the area space and even the roof void is tested. This will ensure that the area is sealed and tight enough to handle the weight of gas in the space against an allowable leakage level. An examination referred to as Retrotect Room Integrity Door Fan Pressure Test is carried out to discover the tightness. A calibrated fan is latched into tight expandable panels at a certain speed and delivers pressure directly into space whilst it’s being assessed. A location can pass or fail this test; if this fails, furthermore sealing is used and another integrity test is carried out. Gemini has numerous years of practical experience completing this significant test in commercial buildings. In addition, we reseal and retest at a very inexpensive cost. This examination should be carried out at least one time each year or in every single new building.

  1. Gas Extract Systems Swindon

All fixed gas suppression systems need to have dedicated gas extract solutions to eliminate the produced gas from the space to outside. It’s a requirement from the British Standards and it needs to be adopted. Even Though a general building contractor is responsible for constructing this ventilation facility, Gemini Fire employees are qualified enough to design, supply and do the installation.

Why Choose Gemini Fire Management Ltd

Besides the fact that at Gemini Fire we only use and install the most suitable technology in the world, our solutions Our reputation in offering well-timed and excellent service is something we are proud of. Some of our esteemed principles include things like;

  • Superb after- sales professional services

At Gemini, we follow through our products and services even though the job is accomplished to make certain it’s operating appropriately. Any issue or question is received and looked after by our group of customer service staff who are available twenty-four hours.

  • Client training

We offer effective customer training with each product or service and the system we install in a business. It is necessary that they understand the way the model works and the way to put it to use to allow them to get optimum benefits. Lots of individuals also do not understand how valuable fire detection and suppression units are to their businesses until they are trained.

  • Proficiency

Whether we are talking a fire suppression system or water leak detector, Gemini fire management assures it’s put in at the earliest opportunity in your establishment. Knowing very well that companies are very busy and need the smallest amount of interruption achievable, we do a good job and get it done effectively.

  • Independent choice of models

At Gemini, we’ve worked with numerous solution suppliers within the fire market. This has allowed us to understand what is the best for each circumstance. Gemini is unbiased in relation to providing and suggesting systems due to the fact we are client- oriented. Each And Every business has particular needs and this is how we decide on products and services and technology to meet every customer’s requirements.

  • Beneficial communication

All through the whole process of purchasing, testing and executing the work, we stay in continuous interaction with the customer to ensure they are okay with everything and factor in any variations. We are there for them with a listening ear and assistance as the experts in this industry.

Everybody at Gemini is committed and highly experienced with offering the best service to our customers. Visit our page on Fire Suppression Systems In Swindon or contact us for more information on 0845 872 5999