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Fire is the most dangerous natural factor that can happen in a building. Not only is it damaging to property but it can easily kill someone without even burning them. At Gemini Fire Management Systems, we know this all too well. Our different means of smoke detection and gas suppression make certain fire is put out before it even gets established. We have a wide variety of fire suppression and detection related equipment and products and in- depth knowledge in all the top rated solutions. Whether Or Not you will need a system for your business office, store, industrial or commercial building in the UK, we’re best suited to suggest and recommend the very best fire suppression systems for your property.

About Gemini Fire Management Ltd

Fire Suppressions Systems UKSince 1997, Gemini Fire continues to provide established fire systems to industrial and commercial organisations. With head offices in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, we’re able to serve all of London & the UK. Having Said That, we also install fire detection related equipment throughout Countries In Europe and abroad when asked.

Gemini Fire Management Limited Products And Solutions

1. Fire Suppression Systems UK

Every area of the business, especially the computer server room, need the protection of fire detection and extinguishing systems. It would be disastrous if such high-value property caught fire as all the important information and systems a business is required to operate is kept there. After many years of know-how in working with fire detection and suppression, Gemini has selected a few of the most desirable businesses producing these systems. We suggest Fike Corporation, Kidde, Ginge-Kerr Inert GasIG55 Argonite and Tyco Inert Gas Inergen. For The Reason That we are not associated with dealing with just one solution or supplier, we’re able to install, develop and maintain many of the platforms for our important clients.

2. HSSD and VESDA Systems UK

A high sensitive smoke detection system is highly crucial in an organisation because it allows you identify and pre-warn against fire during the early periods so preventive action might be taken. HSSD systems are more highly developed, and hence far more sensitive, to smoke compared to the typical smoke sensors. At Gemini, we deal with only the most suitable products for instance VESDA and STRATOS AIRSENSE. HSSD is vital mainly because it goes off prior to a fire alarm system, therefore, saving the business and workforce time to leave. What’s more, it helps you to save water and gas that may be commonly released in the event the fire alarm is triggered.

3. Water Leak Detection UK

Similar to fire, water Water is destructive and leaves a property beyond working conditions, having an unpleasant odour and mildew and mould. To avert this, Gemini offers water leak protection devices to guarantee the difficulty is controlled before it can cause problems. This really is necessary because most equipment rooms are on the ground floor to ensure the temperature is cool in there. Our water leak detection system senses any small leak or spill from piping and promptly sounds an alarm.

4. Room Integrity Testing UK

Ahead of fitting a gas suppression system, it is important that the area space and in many cases the roof void is tested. This can make sure the area is sealed and tight enough to handle the weight of gas within the space against a permitted leakage level. Tests known as Retrotect Room Integrity Door Fan Pressure Test is done to discover the tightness. A calibrated fan is latched into tight expandable panels at a specified speed and builds pressure into your area while it’s being assessed. Space can pass or fail this examination; if it fails, further sealing is used and another integrity check is completed. Gemini has numerous years of experience completing this crucial examination in commercial buildings. In addition, we do reseal and retesting at quite affordable cost. This test must be done at least per annum or in every last new building.

5. Gas Extract Systems UK

All fixed gas suppression systems call for dedicated gas extract units to get rid of the released gas in the space or room to outside. It is a requirement from the British Standards and it must be observed. However a general service provider is liable for creating this ventilation facility, Gemini Fire staff members are experienced enough to design, supply and install it.

Why Select Gemini Fire Management Ltd

Besides the fact that at Gemini Fire we only use and install the best devices on the planet, our expert services Our reputation in offering regular and excellent services are something we are proud of. Some of our renowned principles encompass;

· Excellent after- sales services

At Gemini, we follow through our services and products even after the job is completed to make sure it’s operating adequately. Any issue or question is received and sorted by our team of customer satisfaction workforce who will be readily available round the clock.

· Client coaching

Our company offers beneficial client coaching with each and every product and system we install within a company. It is necessary that they are aware of how a device will work and how to apply it to enable them to get maximum benefits. Lots of people also don’t know how important fire detection and suppression units are to their businesses until eventually they are trained.

· Effectiveness

Whether we are talking a fire suppression product or water leak detector, Gemini fire management helps ensure it is put in as quickly as possible in your establishment. Understanding perfectly that companies are very busy and desire the least disruption achievable, we do a good job and do it successfully.

· Independent choice of solutions

At Gemini, we have worked with numerous product providers in the fire market. This has made it possible for us to be aware what is ideal for each scenario. Gemini is unprejudiced when it comes to supplying and recommending systems due to the fact we are client- driven. Each business has different demands and this is how we choose products and services and technology to fulfil each customer’s demands.

· Productive communication

Through the whole process of purchasing, testing and executing the project, we remain in regular communication with the client to ensure they are okay with everything and consider any variations. We are there for them with a listening ear and advice as the industry professionals in this field.

Absolutely Everyone at Gemini is devoted and exceptionally experienced in offering the very best service to our clients. For fire suppression and water leak detection devices in Fire Suppressions Systems UK, give us a call for additional details on 0845 872 5999

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